Several years ago, I started a quest to find spiritual healing. My journey brought me to Yvonne at Crystal Roots Energy Medicine. Truthfully our meeting was Divine Intervention. When I met Yvonne, I knew immediately she was the Spirit and Healing I was searching for. Her compassion and understanding opened parts of my heart that had been suppressed for a very long time. Yvonne is a true Light Worker and a beacon of light for Souls that are in distress.

Yvonne reached into my soul. She Saw me and where I needed Spiritual healing and guidance. After several visits my path became brighter and my soul lighter. I could feel trauma come to my surface where I could see it and cut the emotional “Cord”.

As a bonus I was introduced to the Sacred Circle of Empowerment. We gather as a group, with Yvonne’s guidance, to learn our inner strength that comes from discovering our unique gifts and sharing them.

Finding Yvonne was the best gift of light and love I have given to myself.

~Sandra H.

Yvonne is a truly gifted Reiki Master whose intuitive nature and healing techniques are powerful and uplifting. Upon first meeting, her kind soul and compassionate heart was welcoming, and I felt immediately at ease. Open and empathetic, Yvonne invites a supportive and warm environment to “journey” and heal as my higher self deemed necessary. My initial intention was to find peace and grounding; however, what I experienced has been empowering and authentically life changing. I gifted myself multiple sessions and, throughout my personal adventures, have truly embraced the positive effects. My experiences have been transformative, and I am so incredibly grateful to Yvonne and Crystal Roots Energy.
~ Heather C

Yvonne’s presence is one of peace and calm. When I receive a healing session from her, I feel like I am wrapped in the energy of Spirit, and that wonderful feeling of peace lasts for days afterward. I am constantly amazed by Yvonne’s intuitive insight, and her guidance always leaves me feeling a sense of clarity and focus. I highly recommend working with Yvonne, as she is truly a gifted healer!
~ Laura S

Yvonne is a powerhouse. I feel very grateful to have had Yvonne as a coach. I was impressed with her strong presence, gentleness confidence. I am very confident that she will change many lives. Anyone would be lucky to work with her.
Ana Maria Ghita, 31, Romania

I have enjoyed many healing sessions with Yvonne both in person and long distance. She is very caring, nurturing, supportive and intuitive in her healing nature. Not only does she bring your energy body into balance, she also helps you make the connection between mind and body which further supports your healing journey while promoting good health. I would highly recommend Yvonne and always look forward to my sessions with her.
~ Robin C. (from CT)

It’s hard to put into words something so experiential as energy healing…but I shall try!
Working with Yvonne is like magic for my being. It’s comforting to rest in her hands and wisdom; to allow myself to let go and let my energy move and be encouraged with her connection.

Yvonne has helped me to release pain (headaches/sinus) and to help get me out of my tangled thoughts in my head and ground my feet to my day and my purpose.

Personally, I feel amazing after I leave. (She always checks to see how I’m feeling afterwards.)

If you’ve ever felt the nudge to add in more self-care or work with an energy healer, Yvonne is a delightful and gentle human to begin your journey. I’ve seen and felt so much during our sessions, from seeing colors and images in my mind’s eye to literally feeling energy move up my legs. It’s always different and that’s part of the fun of this process.

Our world can sometimes feel lonely, and as strong women and men, we tend to walk alone – a lot. For me, it’s been a joyful new way of thinking and being to walk down my path with her by my side.


~ Sara Cyr, CHC

I am a graduate of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine, and Yvonne’s classmate. It is a school that changed my life. Yvonne and I practice healings on each other in and out of school and really bonded together on our ability to heal. Yvonne is patient, perceptive and an expert on all the healings we learned. She is good with her clients and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her as a great healer who will help you with your questions and energy healing needs.
~ Yours truly, M. Beauchamp

I loved going to Crystal Roots. Having never done an energy healing before I was a bit anxious as to what to expect. Yvonne’s gentle confidence put me right at ease. Each session was subtly different for me. Some are more powerful, (where images came into my head that made no sense at the time, but when I looked up the meaning of the images afterward, they were spot on to things going on in my life! Amazing!) and some quieter, but all so wonderful and centering. I could feel powerful energies coming off Yvonne during healings. I felt a surging energy to some Chakras and it also felt like things were lifting out of certain areas of my body. By the end of all the sessions we both agreed that my energy felt calm and peaceful. Each session was subtle yet very powerful. My daily life seems more uplifted and lighter. I’m so glad I experienced Yvonne and her peaceful, calm, powerful soul. It was so worth it! Thank you, Yvonne!
~ Lynne