What is Energy Medicine and how will it help you?

Reiki and Full Spectrum Healing (Energy Medicine) are alternative health modalities that bring the body’s energy centers (chakras) back into balance creating harmony within the mind, body and spirit. The energy centers can become blocked, stuck or out of balance due to life experiences. Throughout life we experience stress, anxiety, trauma, loss and negative thoughts. Our body holds on to the memories of these experiences creating disharmony within the energy system. If not addressed the system can eventually become drained of its vitality and health causing dis-ease which will then manifest in the emotional, mental and physical body. My hands-on healing approach is gentle, loving and compassionate. With intuitive guidance and entrainment (synchronizing my client’s energetic vibration with my higher energetic vibration) I will help to release blocks, move energy that is stuck and balance the entire system with Pure Universal Life Force Energy. I heal from a place of love and with the Highest intention for all my clients.

Energy Medicine

*Stimulates your own natural healing abilities

*Helps to reduce stress

*Stimulates the immune system and removes toxins

* Promotes health, healing and growth

*Releases blocked energy and allows the Universal Life Force to flow freely through your body

*Creates Harmony within mind, body and spirit

How will I help you Master your life?

Life Mastery Training is a supported and guided training that will bring you home to your true Soul essence. I will guide you in mastering your life physically, emotionally and spiritually by providing a safe loving environment where you are free to speak your heart’s truth and to free yourself of all blocks, judgements and insecurities. A place to heal past traumas and unprocessed emotions; to untangle the energetic web that is preventing your inner beauty to shine. I hold compassionate space as you safely remove all the “protective” layers you’ve been hiding your TRUE self under. I am passionate about helping you see, feel and honor your individuality and uniqueness, and to LOVE the YOU that you Already are!


Yvonne Frohn, Master Energy Medicine Practitioner

After graduating from Framingham State College with a BS in Food and Nutrition I continued expanding my knowledge in the area of preventative health by earning my certification in Personal Training through NASM. Intrigued by the human body and the many layers of it I expanded my knowledge even further by studying Full Spectrum Energy Healing and Life Mastery Training at the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine. Along with my extensive studies as a Full Spectrum Master Healer I am also a certified Master Reiki Healer and Teacher, certified in Reiki levels 1&2 by Jodi Dame and Reiki Master & Master Teacher by Maureen Hancock. Along with Energy Healing I am also a certified Life Coach through Transform Coaching Academy (TCA).

*Energy Medicine and Coaching are not Psychotherapy, Legal Counseling or Medical Advice.

Yvonne Frohn