Crystal Roots Energy Medicine


to Crystal Roots!

Did you know that you are already Perfect, Whole and Complete?

And that you are already your Highest Potential?

What are you struggling with?

What is keeping you from living your best life?

Deep within all of us are the gems that hold the secrets to our happiness, health, peace of mind and overall well-being, our True Essence. I trust you found your way to Crystal Roots because of a deep calling from within. A yearning to free yourself from stress and stagnation. A yearning to be heard, honored and to be loved and respected. Perhaps you’re looking for a new beginning; a new way of looking at life. Or maybe you just want to be your Best Self.


I’m Yvonne

I’m a Master Energy Medicine Practitioner and Self-Empowerment Coach. Using Breathwork, Reiki, Full Spectrum energy healing and Coaching I will guide you to a place of self-awareness and self-discovery. My passion is to help my clients reduce the stress felt in everyday life and to bring them to a place of remembrance; remembering who you truly are. I will guide you in Mastering your Life by balancing Mind, Body and Spirit. My gentle hands-on healing approach coupled with compassionate active listening and thought-provoking questions will Awaken in you a deep sense of Peace, Unconditional Self-Love and Purpose.